Besides writing historical fiction, I enjoy an eclectic range of hobbies: playing piano and composing music, hand balancing, reading Greek, Hebrew and Latin, and teaching English as a Second Language to students from over fifteen countries. I'm married to my first and only girlfriend, and I play at the park with my two young children, as this gives me an excuse to hang on the monkey bars. I live in West Michigan.

My Latest Book: Alaric, Child of the Goths

Alaric, the son of a Gothic clan leader, wants for nothing more than to live the adventures of past warriors. That is, until his young life is interrupted by a series of brutal acts: the unexpected raiding of the savage Huns, the cruel trickery of greedy Roman officials, and the murder of his father. Meanwhile, a clan leader named Fritigern leads the Goths in battle against ... Click here to read more

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Amanda M. Bowman

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